What Sparked Your Interest With The Spill Canvas

Photo Editor Jordan Hefler recently caught up with Nick Thomas, vocalist of The Spill Canvas, before their show in Louisiana and he opened up about the influences he had as a child that helped him realize he wanted to pursue a career in music.

“My dad is really into music. My parents were separated, but my dad lived in Minneapolis, and when I was 7 years old, I went to my first real concert. It was Rod Stewart at the Target Center in Minneapolis. I fell asleep like halfway through. At the time, he had some album with that song “Rhythm Of My Heart” and that song was out when I was a little kid, but he has such a nursery rhyme complex. Tom Petty does it a lot, too. A nursery rhyme complex, in my opinion, is when it’s those timeless songs that have a melody that you can strip away. “Rhythm Of My Heart” has a nursery rhyme complex in my head. I think that’s where it really started. There was also a movie that Michael Jackson released called Moonwalker, and it was like a movie, but a movie of all these videos that weaved into each other. It was so cheesy, but my god, those songs were just such a big influence on me, without knowing it at the time. It was around 7 years old – that was a long way to answer. From Rod Stewart, to Michael Jackson, to riding in the car to Van Morrison.”

Portrait and Interview by Jordan Hefler

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