What Sparked Your Interest with Bradley Walden of Emarosa


Editor Sara Feigin recently caught up with Bradley Walden of Emarosa and he opened up about the people in his life that helped influence his decision to pursue a career in music after his return from serving in Iraq.

“I had just gotten back from Iraq and I was performing karaoke with my uncle, who was a singer/songwriter. I sang with him and as soon as I started singing, my mom’s face really just lit up. I didn’t know I could sing, I was probably like twenty-two, and that was it, that did it for me. I was like okay; this is what I want to do now. Since that day, I’ve done everything I can to pursue music and it’s been around ten years I’ve been really going for it since then.”

Photo by Ashley Osborn

Interview by Sara Feigin

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