What Sparked Your Interest: Josh Zupovitz

Check out how it all first started for In Alcatraz 1962’s drummer Josh Zupovitz!

At a very young age, I enjoyed music no matter if it was pop straight off the radio, or a Blink-182 CD a friend gave to me. I would always drum along with my pair of drum sticks and beat my floor to death. This was obviously way before I had a drum kit. As years went by, I got into more aggressive music, bands such as Slipknot, Korn, Atreyu, etc. That’s when it really hit me that music had much more to offer, something I could actually relate to one way or another. I would spend countless hours just listening to the same songs over and over again, dissecting and taking in everything that was going on. One thing leads to the next, and what do you know, I was inspired to do exactly what these bands were doing. I put all of my free time into listening to my favorite bands and playing along to CDs on my REAL drums. For some reason this never got old to me, it was what I truly wanted to do. Music and drumming pretty much took over everything in my world. Eventually I stopped playing sports, stopped going to school. Got my GED Junior year of High school and put everything I had into my one and only band: In Alcatraz 1962. Even now I get inspired by different musicians and bands every day. That alone lets me push myself over any walls or barriers that are in my way. You can spot me flying down the highway on tour blasting the top 40 on the radio. I still listen to and enjoy pop music as well; haha, it’s catchy! There’s a reason why it’s on the radio. Katy Perry, if you’re reading this right now…I turn the volume up to 11 when you come on. 

– Josh Zupovitz // In Alcatraz 1962

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