Juniper Honey gets real with new track “Stone Me” 

The band released a new somber single but it isn’t hopeless. Juniper Honey hails from California and the Golden State shines through on this track even while it rains. The single’s jumpy riffs and staunch peppy rhythm uplift its heavy emotions.

Stone Me” was written by lead singer Jake Hesse and as his raspy harsh vocals spill over airy guitars, he recounts post-breakup feelings. The song was produced by Stefan Mac who is known for his work with Young the Giant and The Wallows. And the song emulates these band’s rippling structure and feeling of distinct regret. Alongside lead singer is Donovan Hess (drummer) who began playing with Jake Hesse in 2020. Two years later, Cason LeSueur (guitar) and Josh West (bass) joined the band after Hesse and Hess toured most of California. All four make up the San Luis Obispo-based band, Juniper Honey.

Earlier this year, the band released a self-titled EP of six songs and another single in one month. Juniper Honey has some stuff to get of their chest and their newest single is one of them. The song’s opening lyrics set the backdrop to the singer’s relationship “stoning”,

Looking out the window

  I can see the wind blow

It doesn’t really matter to me

I can see the pouring rain 

 Slapping on the windowpane 

 I can see the pouring again

He then delves into just how much the situation is weighing on him.

The song’s both regret-filled lyrics and 2000’s catchy guitar melody make it a more than suitable medium for complex emotions. The single is out on music platforms and available through their website,   Juniper Honey Music.


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