Two Feet amplifies his new sound in album “PINK”


PINK out today is Two Feet’s newest album. The album features 13 tracks. I was pretty stoked about this one! Pink features more acoustic vibes as he stripped-down two songs for this record. The whole album is made up guitar riffs and electric vibes in true Two Feet fashion, maybe just dialed up a bit. In the track “Intro” we get to experience his instrumental guitar abilities both equally amazing. In “44 Lies” I get captivating fade ins and it has a calming effect for me. “Grey” , “Pink” and “Maria” are my top three favorites, although I love the whole album. You can listen to each song by just clicking the title or you can listen to the whole album on Spotify here. The full track list is below


Track List


  1. Intro
  2. Pink
  3. BBY
  4. Call Me, I Still Love You
  5. You?
  6. 44 Lies
  7. Lost the Game
  8. Grey
  9. Maria
  10. Felt Like Playing Guitar and Not Singing
  11. I Can’t Relate
  12. We Will Be Alright
  13. Pink Reprise



The album captures and gives insight into Two Feet’s feelings and emotions.  You can tell the 26-year-old singer/producer wanted to get personal and share them with the world. A lot of the songs talk about past relationships, heartbreak and the regrets that follow. Lyrics in “Lost The Game” you get a glimpse of what’s going on in his head.

“You say that you’re going (you say you’re going)/ I know that you’re gone (you say you’re going)/ I been too controlling/ Fucked with your motives, you’re moving on/ And what can I do, I do, I do?/ I know it’s over/ ‘Cause I lost the game, I can’t get lower/’Cause your pain it’s takin’ over/ Lost the game, I can’t get lower.”

We can listen and interpret our own meanings on what we get from the album. Two feet said “For a lot of these lyrics, I’m using real memories and trying to figure out the best way to formulate and pull emotions from listeners,” he goes on. “That’s how my past experiences affected this record. I wanted something with a more complete meaning. A lot of the songs deal with the passage of time and how you interpret it. Musically, I wanted it to be a full album with bangers, heavy songs, and acoustic tracks.”

This album will have you jamming in your car or getting you through some deep thoughts. Either way it’s amazing and you need to hear it!

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