Trash Boy premieres their new single “Perfect Teeth”

Philly’s Trash Boy is a punk band whose sound adds elements of indie-pop, creating a unique sound of their own.  Their ambitious in-your-face live shows have seen the band touring frequently up and down the east coast, playing notable venues and house shows alike.  The band loves Philly and it’s DIY scene and hate rules that oppress the marginalized & uphold bogus meritocracy.  The band has been creating a buzz, especially in the East coast scene.



Today sees the release of their new single “Perfect Teeth”, taken from their upcoming album Who Will Take the Trash Out When We’re Gone? out 8/16 via Good How Are You Records.  Says Chris Fortunato, “The song is inspired by people who go through life without thinking about why they do what they do. So many people do their job without questioning whether or not the work that they do or the money that they spend is good or bad for anyone besides themselves. Then they sit back with the money they’ve made and feel good about themselves. Some people are into that. We’re not. I started writing the first lines of this song after I ran into a high school friend’s dad, and his dad was raving about how his son was working for a big oil company, and making tons of money, and they were sending him to all these historically exploited countries to drill for oil. I really felt like, wow, I can’t relate to these people at all. How did they end up like this? Then together as a band we expanded upon that theme, Dan came up with a sick chorus that summarized the overall theme, Davey wrote some sick bass ditties, Nolee came up with those harmonies in the chorus spur of the moment as we were recording. Also, if you’re curious, the part about working at a cookout / stealing silverware / taking somebody’s really nice car and crashing it into your job is partly inspired by when I worked as a waiter at a golf course and these really raunchy old guys from Staten Island would treat us like their servants, but one time one of them gave me a ride in his Ferrari. He was still a dick though”.


Band member Daniel Baggarly says, “To me, the song is about how the pursuit of wealth and conventional success is not admirable in our backwards-ass society. It is a rejection of the status symbols and lifestyles of the managerial and owner classes that our culture paints as universally desirable. They are actually just gatekeeping methods the rich use to solidify their socio-economic standing and justify the lie that the exploitation they benefit from is necessary. Put another way: no one naturally has perfectly straight, impossibly white, immaculate teeth. You can just get them if your parents have a lot of disposable income. They don’t make you better than anyone else. Pretending that they do should be embarrassing to you.”  You can follow Trash Boy and stay up-to-date on all music, band news and tour dates via the following links:


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