Single Review: Lights ‘Up We Go’


Well, it’s been a long time coming. Nearly three years since her latest release, Siberia, Lights is finally back and ready to seize the techno-pop throne once again (surely with a sword or two at the ready).

After taking some time off from her busy tour life to be with husband, Blessthefall’s Beau Bokan, and newborn daughter, Rocket, Lights is finally ready to share new music with the world with her upcoming album, Little Machines, set to debut September 23rd.

“Up We Go” is the perfect single Lights needs for this upcoming album release. With all of the elements for the perfect summer radio hit – hypnotizing beats, a catchy chorus and killer vocals – this track is going to be the drive for Lights’ return into music.

As an artist known for her beats, her Twitter biography reading ‘I can tickle a gnarly synth’, “Up We Go” holds the old feeling of Lights’ music that standing fans will remember and new listeners are bound to get drawn in by.

These days, a lot of songs in the pop genre are oversaturated with meaningless lyrics and melodies in efforts to drawn in more listeners and make a bigger profit. However, Lights’ art does no such thing.

There is something about her music that is so different from other techno artists in the game – every single song holds a feeling of empowerment and a concentration of energy that seems ready to burst at any moment (or at least until the chorus hits).

As another musical sentiment in her repertoire, this new single’s uplifting message and lyrical content withholds the same power that has drawn fans in in the past. We need more songwriters out there like Lights. Her positive messages and poetic arrangements of thoughts and words are just what this generation and their music collections need – a little more light.

As a die hard Lights fan since she was rocking skinny headbands and floating away in cartoon spaceships, there is no doubt in my mind that Lights’ return to music is already on a steady incline to the top. Opponents better get their weapons ready because Lights is coming back with powerful things to share with the world.

Lights – the throne at the top is waiting for you. Welcome back.

By Rachael Dowd

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