SF rock band TREASVRE release emotional double single “Heavy Arms / Secrets”

TREASVRE is a band of five San Francisco Bay Area natives that blends elements of post-rock and shoegaze with rich synth textures, heavy guitar riffs, and electronic rhythms. Vocalists Samantha Peña and Sabrina Simonton create wistful harmonies that underscore the themes of nostalgia, melancholy, and hopefulness found in their lyrics.  The drama and depth conveyed by the music creates a distinctly cinematic quality —one that captures the complex range of human emotion in beautiful and inspiring ways and begs to be experienced live. The band released the first of four new releases last year, Devils / Echoes EP, which wrestled with heavy themes that are especially pertinent during these times of social isolation.  With three subsequent EP’s since released, TREASVRE has released their new double single “Heavy Arms / Secrets,” the final chapter in a four-part series.  “Heavy Arms / Secrets” takes listeners on a journey, exploring the conflict so many of us experience when we struggle to leave something—or someone—behind.  Juxtaposing the desperation to hold on against the freedom that comes with letting go, fans will feel triumphant and ready to move forward by the end of the second song. Through poignant and haunting imagery, these two songs examine how loneliness and self-doubt can take control, as well as the struggle to break free without losing oneself. TREASVRE’s thoughtful take on these complex emotions are backed up by driving guitars, saturated synths, and groovy rhythms, creating a mood and energy that is hard to overlook. You can connect with TREASVRE via the links below. Cover photo credit: Jeff Straw.



Release quote:

“Heavy Arms / Secrets” is a thoughtful look at hanging on versus letting go, and the push and pull between. Both songs reflect on the prospect of moving on, but leaving something behind in the process. “Heavy Arms” highlights the struggle of clinging to someone who is already gone, and the pain of longing for the past. In contrast, “Secrets” is about the relief of finally leaving the past behind and changing unhealthy behaviors, as well as the nervous excitement of turning the page on a new chapter. This release is a journey through the pain, conflict, and eventual triumph we experience as we come to terms with letting go and moving forward into a new phase of life.



“Heavy Arms” song quote:

“Heavy Arms” is a pensive journey through the mind of someone clinging desperately to the past. Against the backdrop of a dark and empty city, they call out for their lost love but get no response. The song explores the pain of hanging on to something that’s already gone, and the futility of refusing to letgo. While there are some beautiful moments in the struggle, ultimately there comes a time to push forward and move on. We wrote intertwining guitars throughout the song to highlight the frenetic nature of these complex emotions, and as the song builds up,so do the intense feelings of loss. The song teaches a lesson that hanging on is often more painful than letting go.

“Secrets” song quote:

“Secrets” is about shedding the unhealthy behaviors that we hide from those we love. Whether it be an addiction, anobsession, or just a bad habit, many of us do things we shouldn’t and keep it hidden from everyone around us. This song explores what it’s like to finally break free from the shame of keeping a dark secret, and that feeling of a huge weight being lifted. The most important message we tried to convey is that it’s never too late to take steps towards becoming a happier, more authentic person.


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