Real Estate – Zaq Squares // Asheville, NC 9.7.18

Real Estate with Zaq Squares

Grey Eagle

Asheville, NC

September 7th, 2018

Words and Photos by Phill McDonald

On Friday September 7th, New Jersey natives, Real Estate brought their talents to the infamous Grey Eagle in Asheville, NC. The local Asheville artist Zaq Squares opened up for the band. A one man act full of ironic tunes, and humorous commentary. He helped set the tone, and give context to night no-one would forget anytime soon.

Real Estate makes music that is as unhurried as it is Introspective. Their expansive soundscapes were brought to life right in front of a packed house that night. People entranced by their synchronicity on stage, and cascading turns of phrase. This is a band known for it’s lush melodies, and tactful musicianship. I love shows that bring the best out of a crowd. Whether that’s a room full of smiles, or a room full of people dancing. That night took the shape of the former, and you could tell the band felt the energy.

This was one of the bands last stops on their tour, and they made sure it was a memorable show. If you don’t know who they are, nows the time to get familiar. They make music that has a place in everyones collection, and their live set will convince you of that.

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