Novo Amor – Gia Margaret // Washington, DC 11.14.18

Novo Amor

w/ Gia Margaret

November 14, 2018

Union Stage

Washington, DC

Words and Photos by Phill McDonald


On November 14th, Novo Amor came all the way from Wales to perform for a sold out crowd at DC’s very own Union Stage. Opener Gia Margaret gave the crowd some insight into where the night was headed, with her haunting vocals ,and guitar playing that made you feel as if you were floating through still water on a canoe in the fog.

At the end of her set, she brought out Novo Amor to play a song together. A pleasant surprise. Novo Amor didn’t waste anytime getting into their set, and made the entire crowd feel like family. It’s not often you go to show and hear an entirely silent crowd who are truly there for the music, and that’s just what happened. A room full of people enjoying some of the most beautiful music in the world.

Novo Amor is an artist I’ve admired ever since I heard him for the first time back in 2014 on a road trip. There’s something hauntingly beautiful about his music, and the emotion it evokes. His music explore love and loss, hope and despair; extremes of either side that most of us cling to when felt. With each song comes a different story. A story you can almost place yourself in, and see unfold in front of you.

Needless to say, the night was full of just that. Each song brought to life by a band who truly cares about what they do. One of the best artists around that is sure to go onto greatness. A unique voice in a sea of noise.

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