Most Memorable Show: Jack Berry

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Check out Jack Berry’s most memorable show that he has ever played below!

I once played a set to a Malibu restaurant years ago, just about the time I was recording the first record. Just a gorgeous venue, sunset on the beach as a backdrop, wine glasses, the whole nine yards in the opposite direction of rock’n’roll. It was along the lines of a benefit show and all I kept wondering was how the hell am I going to pull this off – this ain’t my scene. I mean Julia Roberts was at a table eating halibut and couscous.
I’d finally talked myself into toning the whole set down, out of respect for the venue really. Well, wouldn’t ya know it, I’m halfway through and the owner, this smug prick, comes up and turns my amp volume down mid song. My response was immediate and impulsive – I stepped over, cranked it and kicked the amp to get that Knarly crash of tube reverb then hopped up on top of the damn thing just wailing. It was like the scene from Back To The Future where he’s going off on “Johnny B. Goode.” — That awkward, “Well I guess you guys weren’t ready for that yet… But you’re kids are going to love it.”
To me it sticks in my memory because it was a cautionary experience of knowing where you don’t fit in and not to try and fit somewhere at all. That was me being tired of being told to be quiet. Never again. Literally, because they 86’d me. Julia Roberts did come up to me and tell me she loved it though. I thought she might.

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