Melanie Martinez // Madrid, Spain // 01.22.2020

Melanie Martinez

Wizink Center

Madrid, Spain



Last Wednesday night brought out a huge amount of excited fans to the Wizink Center in Madrid, as Melanie Martinez arrived in the city to continue the journey that’s being her K-12 Tour.

Around 3,000 fans gathered to watch Melanie’s set, most of them anxious to be able to see her favorite artist perform live again after more than three years waiting. The singer kicked off the show at 9.00 pm sharp with “Wheels on the Bus’, one of the hits from her last album, with a performance that included an amazing choreography, a heart-shaped stage and stunning visuals. “Show and Tell”, “Nurse’s Office” and “Drama Club” were next on the setlist, that kept going with “Lunchbox Friends” o “High School Sweethearts”, one of the favorites of the fans. The crowd enthusiastically sang along as Melanie and her dancers performed song after song, and some of them even danced along to the choreography that the singer already showed in her K12 film, released last year.

The show ended with Melanie playing some favorites off of ‘Cry Baby’, -her first album-, including ‘Alphabet Boy’ or ‘Mad Hatter’, and thanking the fans for coming to see her. The show was a major success -the fans didn’t want to leave- and we can understand the reasons: Melanie’s songs are vibrant and catchy, she’s a talented performer, her voice is unique and her dance moves on stage are perfectly calculated and executed. All combined, live, make her show a mesmerizing experience.

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