Leather Bound Crooks release new album “Breach”

Las Vegas alternative rock outfit Leather Bound Crooks are celebrating the release of their full-length album Breach, out today. The album was written, recorded and produced through real life trauma, heartache and closure. With the help of author Brian Sherman, whom the band collaborated and co-wrote 3 songs with, they’ve constructed lyrics that speak to those who have overcome intense personal battles. Fans can get a taste of the music by streaming all 10 tracks HERE. Breach is now available on all streaming platforms.  “We’re so excited about the debut of our album BREACH”, says the band.  “It’s high energy alternative rock, the lyrics are inclusive & the sounds bring classic and grunge influences back to Alt Rock we hear today.”


Leather Bound Crooks formed in 2011 in Las Vegas, NV. Working their way through the local music scene and various lineup changes over the years, the band evolved into the 4-piece it is today. Now comprised of Jaba Li James (vocals, rhythm guitar), Ryan Severin (lead guitar), Jeremy Hartman (bassist) and Chris Bolosan (percussion), they’ve become known for crafting catchy hooks and powerful, profound lyrics for each and every song.



Jaba Li James (Jawaun Barton) started the group with a couple guys he met at a back yard party in 2011.  After a long 2 years, the quartet released an EP titled “Forward Pace” and a single titled “Spread the Love.”  Soon after the release of their first single, the band went through a lineup change when their drummer realized his heart was not fully committed to the band and their lead guitarist started a family, both leaving the band.  Jaba, driven by his inspiration and ambition, continued to march forward with guitarist Ryan Severin and their consistent determination paid off when joining forces with the current members Chris and Jeremy.  The quartet melds together to form the perfect musical blend.  On the pursuit for cultured lives and laid back ways they build mesmerizing music thats native to the heart yet local to the soul and resonates in their debut full length album Breach.   You can follow the band and stay up-to-date with all upcoming music, news and tour dates via the following links:


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