The Actual Goners premiere new single “Temptation”

The Actual Goners came into being after a hedonistic ramble in the French Quarter of New Orleans. Tristan Armstrong, who was living in Toronto, had been in town visiting longtime friend Duncan Symonds who was attending university in Louisiana at the time. Nearing the end of that momentous night Armstrong suggested they get matching bumblebee tattoos to commemorate their years of friendship. Symonds, having a slightly clearer head in that moment, held off on the idea, but instead suggested that when his degree was complete, he would move to Toronto and they would start a musical project together.

The two had initially met close to ten years prior on campus at Malaspina University- College (now Vancouver Island University) in Nanaimo, BC. While living there they collaborated on several original music projects including The Brethren, Paisley Eye, and the Mother Tongue Band. Armstrong moved out to Toronto in 2012, during which time he and Symonds continued to be involved in various original music projects on their own, but they always knew that working together was something they wanted to do again.

Symonds made good on his promise and moved in the spring of 2017. A passion for music and live performance is the reason why both of them now choose to live in Toronto. They both work regularly with artists in the Toronto scene such as Dione Taylor and Zachary Lucky, and have had the opportunity to play one-off gigs in backing bands for Jim Cuddy, Ed Robertson and Dan Aykroyd. Reunited and living in the same city, new material came naturally and they quickly had over a dozen new songs. The style is influenced by current heavyweights such as Jason Isbell and Ryan Adams, and also pays homage to the lineage of Canadian and American roots-rock musicians such as Neil Young, The Band, John Hiatt and Ry Cooder. There is a respect for the former songwriting tradition, but certainly no fear of incorporating more contemporary elements to the sound. Lyrically, they deliver personal and ageless tunes that capture and celebrate the compelling moments found in the unglamorous day-to-day. Recent work with Canadian producer and engineer Steve Dawson in Nashville has certainly had an influence on the direction of the sound.  The Actual Goners began playing live shows in April of 2018. Since then they have performed in many of Toronto’s most established venues including The Horseshoe Tavern, Cameron House, Lee’s Palace, The Piston and Junction City Music Hall.



Today sees the release of the band’s new single “Temptation”.  “Lyrically the song was built off of the chorus, Temptation…Temptation…Temptation. I think a lot of songwriters agree that often there favourite songs come to them quite easy, while others are a grind to just finish. I thought I had an easy one one my hands, but it was a pain in the ass to finish the lyrics”, say the band. You can follow The Actual Goners and stay up-to-date with all upcoming music, band and tour news via the following links:

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