Lauv Releases Vulnerable New Album ~how i’m feeling~

Lauv has finally dropped his vulnerable and emotional debut album ~how i’m feeling~. Released nearly two years after his playlist I Met You When I Was 18, ~how i’m feelng~ shows a new side of Lauv’s creative ability. 

The album follows Lauv as he writes about past relationships, going through heartbreak and finding new feelings. This album is truly a piece of work that shows Lauv’s vulnerable side and his willingness to share such an important piece of him within his music

Looking at how far Lauv has come with his sound, it has matured into something that is completely his own and completely him. The beautiful melodies that radiate the talent that Lauv has as a songwriter bring forward a new perspective within his performance. Each of the songs on the album is beautifully written, with songs like i’m so tired… being an anthem about being tired of love songs and Canada being a song about escape.

As long as I have known Lauv’s music, the piano has always been a part of him and his writing experience. It comes as no surprise that the album brings forth many songs involving the piano. Lauv does such a phenomenal job of making them beautiful and personal with this instrument.

Each song leads on as if the listeners are following along with Lauv within each of these points in his life. We are experiencing these relationships and moments with him and that brings forward the magic within this album. With twenty-one tracks, it is easy to completely get submersed within each of the songs, whether listened in order or on shuffle.

With incredible music, Lauv brings forward some amazing collaborations to ~how i’m feeling~. Anne-Marie stars on f*ck, i’m lovely, Canada features Alessia Cara, LANY and Lauv made a beautiful collaboration with Mean It, BTS feature on Who, Troye Sivan completes i’m so tired… to make it the anthem it is, and Sofia Reyes stars on El Tejano. The collaborations featured on this album each follows with the song they are paired with, leaving this masterpiece to be starstudded and to contribute to the album exploding with so much originality.

Lauv has brought something so original to the music scene as he continues to touch people all over the world. With this music, you never know where you are going to go in the rollercoaster of feelings and emotions, but that is just what brings the beauty of this album, and all of Lauv’s work. He writes for himself and he writes for those who listen.

~how i’m feeling~ is truly an album with the best heartbreak anthems and the best love anthems. 


Find ~how i’m feeling~ here: Spotify / Apple Music / Youtube

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