LA electronic house duo Epikker release latest single “Joyride”

Los Angeles-base, electro house duo Epikker is excited to announce that today sees the release of their newest single, “Joyride”.  One of the first original Epikker singles, producers Suniel Fox and Henry Strange each bring their own unique musical talents to the mix to take listeners on a highly cinematic musical “joyride.”  Passionately pouring three hundred hours of production work into the single, the duo combines intricate layers of sound to sonically push the envelope.  Groovy yet punchy, “Joyride” is best categorized by its dexterous synth work and hypnotic rhythms.  Nostalgic of electro house greats such as Daft Punk and Justice, “Joyride” reminds listeners of electronica’s golden age while still delivering a fresh and modern leaning sound.  “Joyride” will mark the first official release under Epikker’s new indie electronic emblem, Microdose Records, and is available via all major digital platforms.

“Joyride was a monumental achievement for us because it vastly explored our two very different approaches to music and somehow when it was done, nothing had ever felt so much like home. We must’ve spent 2-300 hours tweaking, cutting and editing to create the sound you hear, and in that regard it both defined what to do and what not to do. Joyride taught us how to ride that wave between Mood and Enthusiasm and how just the right amount of each brings up this kind of unparalleled emotion, which to this day. I can only describe it as Bliss.” Epikker





Epikker is your favorite new electronic music duo.  Composed of music technologist, engineer and producer Henry Strange and electronic music producer and multi-instrumentalist, Suniel Fox, their unique and versatile musical backgrounds create a unique one of a kind sound.  Drawing its foundation from electro house, vintage funk, disco, and indie dance, the Epikker vibe can best be described as fun, funky, and epic.  Epikker dexterously layers live instrumentation with deep groove and melodic beats.  Through their music, the duo hopes to evoke the human experience by weaving together a complex tapestry of emotive sounds.  They strive to inspire fans to reach new levels of epic awesomeness in their lives by demonstrating that people are capable of incredible achievement.  You can connect with Epikker via the following links:


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