LA electronic house duo Epikker release latest single “Joyride”

Los Angeles-base, electro house duo Epikker is excited to announce that today sees the release of their newest single, “Joyride”.  One of the first original Epikker singles, producers Suniel Fox and Henry Strange each bring their own unique musical talents to the mix to take listeners on a highly cinematic Continue Reading

Epikker delivers invigorating remix of iskwē’s “Nobody Knows”

After discovering mega-talented Canadian solo artist iskwē’s single “Nobody Knows,” newly formed Los Angeles based duo Epikker (Suniel Fox and Henry Strange) were blown out of the water.  They quickly thereafter reached out to iskwē, and shortly after receiving permission to do a remix, diligently went to work.  Carrying an Continue Reading

Suniel Fox and Henry Strange release ‘Revolution (The Remixes)’

Los Angeles based electronic producers Suniel Fox and Henry Strange recently released Revolution [The Remixes], a follow up to their recent single release.  Teaming up with a group of five of their closest colleagues and friends, Revolution [The Remixes] encompasses a wide variety of genres and styles.  Each remix puts Lowman’s Continue Reading

Suniel Fox & Henry Strange Release new Single “Revolution”

Suniel Fox and Henry Strange recently joined forces on the timely named track titled “Revolution.” The track first originated when Suniel came up with the idea for an LCD Soundsystem type of vocal. It naturally evolved from there into a tasty chord progression on the bass while Suniel was hanging Continue Reading