Joyce Manor and Jeff Rosenstock Shatter The Glass House

Joyce Manor played three shows in a row in their home region of Southern California to incredibly excited crowds. Their second night at The Glass House in Pomona featured punk icon Jeff Rosenstock doing a solo acoustic set and Los Angeles’ own Peach Kelli Pop. Unfortunately due to a camera malfunction, we do not have any photos of PKP or Jeff Rosenstock.

Peach Kelli Pop is a beach-tinged punk group fronted by Allie Hanlon, formerly the drummer of Canadian band The White Wires. She’s a talented songwriter and sings tunes of empowerment and imagination over catchy riffs that anyone could dance around to.

You could tell by the singalongs that half the crowd was there to see Jeff, and why wouldn’t they be? With honest, confessional lyrics and an extremely approachable presence, Jeff Rosenstock has earned every ounce of adoration from his fans over the years. Though he mostly stuck to newer material, he closed on two hits off his 2015 record “We Cool?” that had the audience full-on moshing to one guy strumming an acoustic guitar and belting till his voice popped out. On that note- due to being such old pals with Joyce Manor, Jeff pulled out “Vocal Coach” from his Bomb The Music Industry! days to the elation of the crowd.

Frontman Barry Johnson began with a casual comment about being “just drunk enough to play a great show tonight” and settled into a super comfortable atmosphere that treated the audience like a big group of friends all there to sing some songs together. They jumped wildly throughout their discography- playing everything from 5 Beer Plan to Violent Inside to Million Dollars to Kill Me. They played a handful of songs off every album with the same gusto and were met with a tenacious audience every time, which is quite a feat given that the dynamic is usually the artist being excited to play new stuff and the audience hoping for old stuff. That’s the thing about friends hanging out and singing along to some songs though; As long as it’s Joyce Manor, it’s all good.


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