Hello World Tour // Edmonton 5.14.2016

As soon as it hit 6 o’clock, masses started pouring into Edmonton’s largest indoor venue, Rexall Place, in anticipation of what the Hello World Tour would bring. With three hugely successful Canadian artists/bands on the roster, the night was sure to be upbeat, fun, and one to remember.

The first opener was twenty-year old Francesco Yates, best known for his hit singles that are always played on the radio, “Better To Be Loved,” and “Call.” To say that his energy is contagious would be an understatement. It was clear from the first couple seconds of his stage presence that he gave it his all. His jumping around, dancing, and playing an overall upbeat set perfectly hyped up the crowd for the rest of the night.

Following Francesco Yates is pop-sensation Carly Rae Jepsen, who pranced on stage with a huge smile on her face. The crowd went wild, singing along with her extremely catchy lyrics from the get go. It truly is amazing seeing how far she has come. I remember seeing her play at Edmonton Events Centre in 2009, opening for Marianas Trench, and now she is playing at arenas all across the country.

Lastly, the headliner for the tour is BC’s Hedley, who put on an incredible set, as they always have. However, paired with the atmosphere of such a large venue, the extraordinary lights, huge stage, and the large audience, it all came together to create an the perfect show. Their high energy performance definitely made it an extremely memorable show. It is also very endearing to see the band move on up every single time that they play here, from playing small local venues to playing Rexall Place.

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