Harry Styles Creates An Out Of Body Experience With New Album ‘Fine Line’

Released over two years after his debut album, Harry Styles’ drop of Fine Line comes after the announcement of a world tour and features an album made of pure gold. After having gone away for some time to write, Harry explosively came back with original songs that remain to wow. This is my first reaction and my review of Fine Line.

 ‘Golden’ is the opening track on the album, a song to show what the vibe is and the first listen into Harrys new album. The almost calming beginning pulls in the listener, right before the beat drops and the song officially begins. Harry’s voice comes in after a couple of bars, with the music dying down slightly in the background and everything focussing on Harrys voice as he begins to sing. The lyrics and the soft be at is pulling and fun. The song, once reaching the chorus, shows just how boppy it is as the music is almost jumping around. It is a great introduction into the album with soft and simple lyrics such as “golden as I open my eyes, Hold it, focus, hoping, take me back to the light”, this song showcases Harrys sound in a welcoming light.

Released before the album, ‘Watermelon Sugar’ brings a fun tune that begins with a simple electric guitar and Harrys voice. The lack of an excessive amount of instruments in the beginning gives enough room to fall into the song and completely enjoy it. It also works perfectly with the drop into the music after listening to mostly just Harrys voice for the first verse. Once the music kicks in, there’s a hint of the same exciting sound that is in Golden, with the dance aspect coming through. The song expresses a comfortable atmosphere with a showcase of raw vocal and writing talent. The entire song is fun, with brass instruments bringing in something new and exciting.

‘Adore You’, also released as a single, leads in with muffled music and then begins instantly with a head bopping beat and Harrys voice. This song is nothing short of an anthem, with simple lyrics for the chorus such as “Honey, I’d walk through fire for you, Just let me adore you” the really show a light and airy feeling to the tune. The bridge comes with a guitar solo that can only be imagined as Harry himself playing it. Much like the first two songs on the album, this song brings alone an extremely fun vibe with music that shows off Harry in its full.

‘Lights Up’ was the first song released as a single, beginning with a simple guitar that falls into the beat and a beautiful highlighted bass. It’s rather beautiful to hear how Harrys sound has changed through this song, with the musical aspects of it being truly beautifully written with a hint of an indie vibe. This song has some beautiful musical elements that seem to carry the song, such as piano at certain parts and a beautiful bass that is very prominent throughout the track. With soft backing vocals that highlight Harrys voice, this song does a beautiful job of fulfilling the expectations of being the first single released.

‘Cherry’ showcases Harrys voice as well as a beautiful plucking pattern on an acoustic guitar. It is a song that reminds me of something from the movie Call Me By Your Name early on, with the entire atmosphere of it being soft and relaxed. Guitar continues to be a strong feature throughout the song. With ‘Cherry’ not actually being mentioned, the song contains lyrics like the ones “Don’t you call him “baby, We’re not talking lately, Don’t you call him what you used to call me” from the chorus, showing a storyline. The song, as well as the album so far, seems to be reaching for love. The French speaking at the end of Cherry creates an amazing lead into Falling, bringing some questions as to why Harry decides to have the French there, yet it works and closes the song beautifully.

‘Falling is emotional from the moment the piano begins. Harrys voice is soft, and short and completely focused on as the song begins. With nothing to back his vocals but simple piano in the background, it is obvious that this song contains a lot of emotion. As the chorus begins, the true beauty of Harrys vocals is show as he belts out the lyrics “What am I now? What am I now? What if I’m someone I don’t want around?, I’m falling again, I’m falling again”. The chorus shows self questioning, which can be shown throughout the entire song. This track is raw and open, pouring down talent, it is easily one of the most emotional ones on the album.

The guitalele at the beginning of ‘To Be So Lonely’ easily shows how unique Harrys writing style is. This song, from the beginning, is simple, with just the guitalele to begin before Harrys voice and a slow beat come in. This is easily the extent of the song, which is very different from the story that the lyrics contain. With the chorus containing the lyrics “I know that you’re tryna be friends, I know you mean it, Don’t call me “baby” again, it’s hard for me to go home” that show a story that is completely different from the light, airy music that carries Harrys voice. The instrument use within this song is extremely effective in the way that it carries along the story of harries album and allows listeners to focus on Harrys voice.

‘She’ begins off with a very slow, rock vibe, reminding me of the first album he released back in 2017. With the vibes and the consistent drum beat, it is obvious that this song is more on the rock side of the album. Harrys voice is relaxed as his sings the lyrics and everything within the song carries itself, with the melody flowing perfectly. Every single aspect of this song ties together well. Harrys vocals going into a higher octave also adds to the whole vibe, suiting the guitar and the bass extremely well. The guitar solo at the bridge is, yet again, absolutely gorgeous. It is the last thing that ties the song together and works perfectly with the rest of the vibe.

‘Sunflower, Vol. 6’ starts with a unique instrument combination that makes this song fun and a whole different vibe. It easily expresses Harrys vast song writing talent and his ability to write with different instruments and different tones. The placement of this song within the album after the three more content filed songs is perfect. The idea of the sunflower being a more bring thought comes along and works along really well with this track.

‘Canyon Moon’ is probably the most fun and energetic track on Fine Line. It is the character of Harry within a song, with his vocals perfectly reflecting off of the music. It is a fun combination of instruments with the lyrics describing a seemingly happy memory. The whistling within the song is also a nice touch which really adds to the excitement and fun within the track. It is simple enough but brings along an element that are you want to dance along with Harry. Harrys short shout of ‘I’m Going’ at the end suits the track and ends it off on satisfying conclusion.

‘Treat People With Kindness’ is the song that represents everything that Harrys branding is. Everywhere that one looks, Harry is expressing ’treat people with kindness’. The choir at the beginning is absolutely beautiful, leading smoothly into guitar, drums and Harrys voice. The appearance of the small choir throughout the song also ads to the message of comfort and kindness. Harrys voice is also really powerful throughout the track, cutting through the music and displaying the lyrics very prominently. As the second to last song on the album, Harry does a beautiful job at portraying a listen attitude and a positive message.

‘Fine Line’ is the last track on the album and the song that the album is named after, and it is beautiful. From acoustic guitar to Harrys soft voice, the entire song is the perfect way to end the album. Towering at six minutes and seventeen seconds, the calming atmosphere of the song and Harrys voice at a higher octave with backing vocals show a beautiful and incredibly well put together ending to the album. At around minute four, Harry repeats ‘We’ll Be Fine Line’, drums begin and then a trumpet comes it. This then flows into the buildup and the main part of the song. The music within this track is truly beautiful and entirely the main part of this song as musical solos are prominent and beautifully put together as the song comes to a close in a beautiful theatrical ending. The trailing off and the softness of the end of the song, closes the album with content.

Harry Styles Brough forward something new that pulls elements from many different genres such as pop, rock, folk, soul and more. He successfully created an album that reaches to multiples of different people, with contrasting aspects that make this album one for everyone. With this release being a couple of years since his first album, the change in how sound is evident and beautiful. The lyrics within most of the songs are simple, often repeated, which allows the music to flow and carry Harrys voice. Fine Line brings a mature aspect within Harrys Sound and showcases his vocal and musical talents.

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