Polyphia – Unprocessed // Louisville, KY // 4.8.23

Polyphia with Unprocessed

Mercury Ballroom

Louisville, KY

April 8th, 2023


On April 8th, Polyphia brought their current North American Spring Tour to a sold-out crowd in Louisville! The line was long to enter the venue, with fans rushing in as the doors opened to get a prime spot at the barricade or to secure a spot in the merch line! It didn’t take long for the venue to fill entirely, with fans filling out the dowstairs floor area, as well as the balcony! Opening the show this evening was German tech-metal band Unprocessed. These guys brought an incredible amount of fun and energy to the stage, making sure the crowd was having fun and engaged with the music. Singer Manuel Gardner Fernandes chatted quite a bit with the crowd during the band’s set, announcing early on “We are Unprocessed, all the way from Germany! Thank you so much for coming out tonight! We have one job tonight, and that is to warm you up for Polyphia. We need you to jump for us!”. Whether it was getting the crowd to jump, to open up the pit, or encouraging people to crowd surf, everyone couldn’t help but have a good time and were happy to comply, with several crowd surfers making their way to the front throughout the set! Towards the end of the set, the house lights went out and the band had the crowd shine the lights on their phones, making for a special and intimate moment. “It was a pleasure to be here for our first time ever in KY!”, announced Manuel before the band ended their set with “Haven”. They succeeded in getting the crowd warmed up for evening!

Closing out the evening was Polyphia. An instrumental progressive rock band, they alternated between a heavier style of playing to a more melodic-focused sound throughout the evening, with the crowd going wild for each song. Guitarists Tim Henson and Scott LePage spent a lot of time standing on small metal platforms at the front of the stage and LePage chatted with the crowd quite a bit during the set, keeping the fans engaged and instructing them early on to see how many crowd surfers could make their way up front!  “Glad you guys are here to party because so the fuck are we!”. Starting off the set with “Genesis” and “Neurotica” from their latest album, 2022’s Remember That You Will Die, they performed older songs, as well, from their previous 3 albums. “Well, here we all are,” announced Scott. “I see some who are here to rock and others who are are here to roll! If you are here to rock let me hear you and if you are here to roll let me hear you! I’m having so much fun! Why don’t we keep this going! We wanna play a game really quick called Sing The Riff”, before launching into “Champagne” from their 2014 album Muse. A few songs later he told the crowd “We have one more song! Thank you so much for kicking absolute ass! We love each and every one of you so much! We a Polyphia, America’s band. This song is called “Playing God”.” He then went onto say, “Alright, do you want one more song? How about 2? You gotta do something for me though. I wanna see a circle pit! Open it up. On my count, you know what to do!”. The band then closed out the show with a cover of CKY’s “96 Quite Bitter Beings” and “Euphoria”, then taking a bow and waving to the crowd, showing their thanks for a great, sold-out evening.





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