flor – Winnetka Bowling League // San Antonio, TX // 2.10.2020

 flor with Winnetka Bowling League

Paper Tiger

San Antonio, TX


Reminiscent of a shoe-box, The Paper Tiger in San Antonio wasn’t all that impressive at first glance. There wasn’t much fanfare to the bare black walls and shop door, like a cross between a black-box theater and a cool garage. But the packed crowd and infectious energy of the bands quickly filled up the room and turned it into something special.

The opener, Winnetka Bowling League, sounds like a love letter to the modern-day nature of romance. From buying chocolate hearts from CVS, to the reality of antidepressants after a breakup, frontman Matthew Koma sings with his musical influences on his sleeve; like a punk rock kid who can’t help but enjoy the croon of old beach pop, his current project is bringing a much needed twist as we head into early spring of the new decade.

flor is right in the middle of another strong leg of their ley lines tour, selling out shows even in cities less-traveled. Like an echo chamber, the band mirrored the crowd’s energy and seemed to breeze through their hour long set. They traded in some of their older tracks for new, not quite ready to tease any new music just yet. But the new blends in perfectly with their catalogue, and the show was pure magic like it always goes at a flor show.

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