EP Review: Counterparts “Private Room”

Words by Jordan Ryan Burke

Since the release of “You’re not you anymore” hitting critical acclaim and receiving a chance to do a world tour alongside side While she sleeps and Architects, Counterparts have not slowed down at all. On back to back tours all over the world they have been making a big slash and it is entirely deserved. With the upcoming EP “Private Room” set to be available from the 7th of September. The wait is entirely worth it. Recently finding out that the 3 songs on this EP are just songs from the cutting list from previous releases the band has come back to them with a fresh set of eyes and development from the past year they have had.

“Monument” was the first glimpse we got from what is in store with the forthcoming record and it did not disappoint. This EP gives the same feeling that “You’re not you anymore” gave the listener. This positively electric feeling just swims throughout your body and the experience is incredible. And the other 2 continue that trend.

Brendan Murphy has always had a way with his writing in ways a lot of other vocalist don’t. The pure emotions behind every word and how it can be relatively to situations within life, yet he’s just writing about situations in his life and the states he has found himself in. And listening to counterparts for a long time, the way his vocals has grown and the manner in which his stories are told can stand as just one factor on why this EP is something special.

“Private Room” is something that independently will give any new listeners an incredible taste of what Counterparts stands for and what they are doing while still giving fans everything they could want. Listening through this EP over and over again, it still feels fresh and new, and the feelings that come with it are a testament of how creative and talented the members or Counterparts are.

With the release of “Private Room” on the horizon, there is only hope that Counterparts carry on with this pace and dedication to their art. They have grown a lot in the last year and it’d be incredible to see what they have in store for the rest of 2018 and 2019.

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