Album Review: Loose Buttons ‘Sundays EP’

Loose Buttons are New York City’s latest up-and-coming indie group. We got a sneak peek at their soon to be released EP, Sundays. Sundays is filled with alternative rock music that brings back the nostalgia of driving around and jamming out with your friends at night.

The first song on the EP is “Tales Of What I’m Used To,” and let me tell you, it’s wonderful. The song features great instrumentals that focus on a chilled back vibe feel, while the lyrics and vocals resemble that of The Last Shadow Puppets.

Their second song, “Between Brick Walls,” picks up the beat a bit with major guitar chords. The last two songs on the EP “Am I The Only Reason?” and “Milk and Roses,” slow it back down again to be the ultimate break up songs. The drums in both tracks are highlighted with the slow lyrics and smooth vocals. They might be break up songs, but they offer a light upbeat feel, so if you just want to chill out, these are your “go to” tracks.

With only four tracks, Sundays gives listeners the perfect nighttime vibe EP. Sundays is a huge step for Loose Buttons in breaking out in the indie/ alternative scene. Keep your eye out for the full EP, out today! 

Review by Emily Truong

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