Cady Groves: “We’re The Sh!t”

From a small town girl to one music top upcoming acts, 21 year-old Cady Groves has been taking the world by storm. Her first single off her upcoming RCA Record Release entitled “We’re the Sh!t” is sure to be the song of the summer. “We’re the Sh!t” is a fun pop tune mixed with Groves’ hard folk vocal’s and acoustic guitars. Although this is the first time the folk singer, whom mostly writes deep songs from the heart with words pure emotion, has actually written a radio-friendly pop song she pretty much hit the hammer on the head. If the album and the single do as well RCA Records and Cady hopes you are gartered to be hearing this song (and Miss Cady Groves) everywhere. For now you can download the song for free off of her new website ( in exchange for joining a mailing list.

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