Boys Of Fall discuss their new album, maturing as songwriters and what’s next

Detroit pop-punk band Boys Of Fall, consisting of Michael Martenson (vocals), Jake Cemer (vocals/guitar), Dan Quigley (guitar), Eli Sleeker (Bass) and Scott Solomon (Drums), is back and more determined then ever with the release on October 26th of their latest album Better MomentsHaving gone through a lot as a band over the past couple of years, the album reflects their emotions and experiences during that time.  Formed by Martenson in 2011, the band amicably broke up after the release of their LP Thank You & Goodbye and performed what they intended to be their last show in June of 2016.  After their break-up, the band’s music started garnering a following on social media and that, along with their love of live music, lured them back in.  They signed with In Vogue Records in October of 2017 and recorded the new album with producer Andrew Wade (A Day To Remember/Neck Deep/Wage War).  They released an EP, Chasing Lonely, earlier in the year and with their debut full-length album out, the band is going full steam ahead into a bright future.  You can currently catch the band out on the road with In Her Own Words and Ky Rodgers as part of the In Vogue Records Tour.  Staff writer Emily May spoke recently with the band via email about the new album, maturing as songwriters and what’s next for them.  You can stay up to date with the band, all upcoming tour dates and music and can stream and purchase their music from the following links- Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Spotify | Bandcamp | SoundCloud | Apple Music/iTunes | You Tube| Deezer| In Vogue Records.  Check out their latest video for “Heartbreaker”, as well as their video for “Bad Company” below.

Your new album “Better Moments” was released on October 26th. What can you tell me about the writing and recording process for the album? What was it like recording with producer Andrew Wade? What did he bring to the recording process?

Michael – The writing process was very much like what we always did. The pressure was definitely there. It started hitting us that we worked so long to get the chance to have a debut release and now its actually happening, so we wanted to create something special and something we would enjoy playing for the next two years.

Recording process was really cool. We went and did pre production and then all the bass and drums with Andrew and then we left and went on tour and came home and then recorded all the guitar and vocals and sent them to him for mixing. Andrew meshed with us so well and really had a way of making the song better in a way you didn’t see while still keeping it your song. He saw our vision and ran with it and we couldn’t have done this album without him. 

You released an EP, Chasing Lonely, earlier this year. What led you to release and EP and a full-length in the same year?

Michael – We had been wanting to release music for so long so when the opportunity came to out out an EP, we meshed an originally planned acoustic EP with some songs we felt embodied a different side of us we wanted to explore. The full length was always the plan so we’re just happy it worked out that way.

Michael- You have mentioned that the more you mature as songwriters, the more you write what comes naturally (in response to the poppier sound of “No Good For Me”). How do you feel you guys have grown as songwriters and musicians over the years. What inspired the transition to a poppier sound?

It’s strange because you don’t really realize as you’re growing up when something in your life is changing. Different music inspired us, our hiatus inspired us, us wanting to write better and better music, personal lives going through highs and lows, the list goes on. We always found it challenging to write catchy songs and parts and melodies without being cheesy. Everyone says pop is super easy to write but it really is so fun and challenging to sit and write something that gets stuck in someone’s head.

After 5 years of searching for a label to sign with, that your album Thank You and Goodbye was set to be your final album. What led you guys to decide to keep going with the band?

Michael – Honestly we didn’t want to end when it happened but everyone in their personal lives had kind of reached a point where it wasn’t in anyone’s best interests to keep going. Spotify was the only reason we saw people cared. One day I look and we had 40K followers and we’re completely dormant. The comments and emails flooded in so it didn’t take long for us to realize this was all we wanted to do. So we dove back in headfirst and we’ve been really happy people are stoked and enjoying what we’re doing.

You guys recently signed with In Vogue Records! How does it feel to have signed with a label and how has the experience been so far?

Michael – Surreal. We were always fans of the label so we were honored to work with them. They really dug our vision for the future and have been supportive while we push towards it.

Your new video for “Bad Company” was just released! What was the making of the video like? Do you have any other videos in the works?

Michael – That video was the most fun we’ve ever had. Simply because it was us being us. We have a really strange band dynamic with a bunch of random nicknames and we all joke around all the time so that video was just enhancing it. We have one more single dropping before the album and then a few videos after!

You are currently on tour with Abandoned By Bears and Light Up The Sky and will then be heading out on an In Vogue Records tour with In Her Own Words and Ky Rodgers. With back to back tours, signing with a label and an album release coming up, it sounds like you guys have hit the ground running! How does it feel to have such a great momentum going with the band?

Michael – We’ve always been a band with goals and the need to be consistent. This has been the best year to date in this band and we’re just getting started so we’re grateful and excited.

Eli- did a cool feature of your bass play through video of “No Good For Me” earlier this year! How did that feature come about and how was the experience?

Eli – Ive worked my whole life to be the best bass player i can be, so for something like that to happen was, surreal. I spend a lot of time on my parts and it was so cool to be able to display that for people who have been wanting to know how to play it while also being featured on It was definitely a big personal moment for me. I’m very thankful.

I read that you guys are Orange Amplifier ambassadors. How did that come about and how has the experience been? What does being an ambassador entail?

Dan – We’re lucky to have an amazing team of gear sponsors behind us. I’ve been a huge gear nerd ever since I started playing and Orange has always been one of my favorites. I remember the first time I played out of an Orange cab was when I was on tour and happened to share a backline with another band. My whole time playing that show was pure magic – I was just in love with the sound and how much closer it had me to the end goal on my never-ending “quest for tone”. The day after that show I wrote out to them and told them about the experience and how much I loved what they made and how I’d love to represent them on a professional level. Being an Orange Ambassador in short is basically us receiving support from Orange in the range of backline support, amp tech support, and the like in exchange for everyone hearing how awesome our tones are through Orange gear.

You guys are from Detroit. What is the scene like there? What was it like for you to be the first “local to Detroit” band to perform a Headlining show at St Andrew’s Hall?

Michael – Detroit is a super intense and talented scene. When we came up, there were so many amazing bands, all we wanted to do was work hard enough to play shows with them. Big venues almost came last because we knew through hard work we’d eventually get those opportunities. But it surpassed everything being able to headline a place like Saint Andrews. Seeing our name on the bill, it definitely made us realize how much hard work it took to get there and we couldn’t be more thankful to all the fans and friends who supported us getting there.

You guys have a Halloween album release show in Detroit on October 27th and that there will be a costume contest! Who will you guys be dressing up as?

Dan – We’re so excited for this show! You’ll be seeing us dressed up as “the nerds” in our new music video for Bad Company that came out recently.

What’s next for the band? What are your goals for the band going forward?

Dan – After the record is out we plan to be touring heavily in support of it. We really hope to go overseas in the near future touring this record as well.

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