EP RELEASE: Katie Fenn’s “People Are Mirrors” delivers moody pop with sharp lyrics

Katie Fenn, an up-and-coming pop artist from Indiana, has just released her debut EP People Are Mirrors this past Friday, and if you are a fan of Lorde, Birdy, or other moody, pop-centric artists, then you’re in for a short and sweet treat.


“Chemistry”, the opening song on the record, follows a synth beat with a pop-aimed chorus which highlights Fenn’s saccharine vocals to make a song that’s perfectly suited for summertime. “Share You” uses atmosphere well to create a techno beat that wouldn’t be out of place on a Daft Punk record (the vibe here is very synthpop, and Fenn utilizes this sound to create a radio-friendly yet niche sound). “Twin Flame” is a more upbeat song compared to its predecessors and draws influence from Lana Del Rey. The closer “Karma” is a bit slower but has some of the best lyrics on the record, as the concept of People Are Mirrors revolves around fantasized love and a longing for emotional equilibrium.


This is a perfect pop EP that would not be out of place on your Top 40 radio station. As an independent debut effort, it’s one that can definitely be capitalized on in the future, but for now, these four songs are a strong first entry into Fenn’s discography.


  1. “Chemistry”
  2. “Share You”
  3. “Twin Flame”
  4. “Karma”

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