Single Review: Radical Something “Cali Get Down”

radical something

Hailing from California, Radical Something’s a new band on the scene with an arsenal of catchy jams guaranteed to get stuck in your head for all of the right reasons.

Their latest single “Cali Get Down” has something in it for everyone. With a sound fused with reggae, hip hop and pop – their unusual approach causes their upbeat California vibes to ooze through the speakers no matter where you are.

Falling into the trend of musicians confessing their love for The Golden State (Joni Mitchell, Katy Perry, The Beach Boys, etc.), Radical Something fits in perfectly with their unique style. Their fresh new sound is just what the industry needs – it’s different and sticks out from a lot of the radio hits we have been hearing on repeat these past couple of months.

As a representation of Radical Something’s laidback and carefree style, “Cali Get Down” is a track that everyone should be listening to. Right off the back, the entrancing riff of the guitar incorporated throughout the song is enough to get your moving.

“Cali Get Down” isn’t just a song for pop lovers, hip-hop enthusiasts or reggae fans – it’s for fans of all three of those genres. This is all something that we don’t see a lot in the industry. For the most part, an artist falls into one genre and fits one music mold. Radical Something’s made it clear that they don’t fit into the molds that have been pre-created for them, causing their sound to be in a whole different category.

The single has elements of pop with the musical stylings of their lyrics, a reggae influence with the composition of the song’s music and some hip-hop inspiration in the rap moments. Somehow, they managed to fit all of this into a four minute songs and it all works.

While it’s the musical stylings that have people curious, their strong vocals showcased on this new single is another element that boosts “Cali Get Down”. Every musical lover is always listening for strong vocals and between the singing in the verses to the lyrics being spat during the rap parts, it is clear that Radical Something is a multi-talented band with musicians that fill more than just one role.

There is not a single boring part in “Cali Get Down”. From the fast paced tempo and weaving of different musical genres, this unique California anthem stands strong. As the perfect summer song, don’t think that you can’t be listening to this all year long.

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