Album Review: Sanction “Broken in Refraction”


Long Island hardcore group Sanction released their second album “Broken in Refraction”. After the well received success of their first album “The Infringement of God’s Plan”, the band’s second album was highly-anticipated among many. 

What makes this band so interesting is their ability to present a variety of sound in what seems like anger induced chaos. A chaos that works in propelling them high into the hardcore scene. This anger induced feeling is also mixed with anxiousness. The two work together in tandem to create Sanction’s sound, which can be described simply as paranoia

This 11 tracks tackle issues that in themselves create paranoia, anger, and anxiety. Their song “Paralysis” is a good example of this. The track opens with fast drums and static-riffs. That sound starts to be brought done and is replaced with the sound of a heart monitor beeping. Once the song kicks back in listeners are presented with lyrics comparing the singer’s emptiness to a paralytic state. Using the idea of being stuck and surrendering to your current state.  

“Broken in Refraction” is further proof of Sanction’s success in the hardcore scene. 

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