Bishop Briggs vulnerability makes her powerful with newest album “CHAMPION”

Out Today is Bishops Briggs most personal album to date. I was super stoked heading feet and ears first to check out this album! Let me tell you, it hit all the right notes and keys. CHAMPION features 10 tracks that whole heartedly express what Bishop was emotionally feeling while going through a break-up. This is one of the most personal and powerful albums written by the artist. You can hear the pain and frustration in every song on the album. Lyrics like “Undo, falling’ for you/ I knew I had to let it go, I had to let it go/ What am I holding’ on to?/ But it’s too late to backtrack/ But I knew that from way back/ When I look in my own head and I put that on playback.”

This one from the single Champion “You gotta get bruised before you get mad/ You gotta fall down before you fight back/ Was feeling so weak but baby I’m strong/Little did I know I’m a champion.”

Bishop displays such emotion in every song, but the singles Tattooed on my heart, Someone Else and Jekyll & Hide really spoke to me. In the single Tattooed On My Heart you can clearly hear how taken for granted she feels. If Bishop knew someone was going to break her heart she wouldn’t have fell so hard. “It’s always you/Taking me for granted/Always you/ That plays me as the fool/ And if I’d known, if I’d known, if I’d known/ If I’d known you’d rip it apart/ Oh, I wish I didn’t get your name tattooed on my heart.”

This makes my heart hurt and happy at the same time. I was completely blown away by this album! In the track Someone Else Bishop talks about needing to communicate with her partner and instead of getting that reciprocated it’s being put off and the problems are still the same. “I need a smoke just to breathe/ To be around you, not underneath/ Sick of distractions (Sick of distractions), want a reaction (Want a reaction)/ Issue still the same.”

You have to listen to this album for yourself to really get it. You can listen to her album here

Check out the music video for Jekyll & Hide below!


Bishop really dug deep into the furthest corners of her soul and put it out there for the world to listen. No metaphors, no poetry just pure raw lyrics that come from the heart. Bishop displayed some of her lowest feelings through sadness, pain, dating and heartache but expressed herself lyrically through music and found her way. Through all the ups and downs of life something beautiful was born and that was Champion.


Check out the full track list below!


  1. I Still Love You

  2. Can You Hear Me Now?

  3. Champion

  4. Tattooed On My Heart

  5. Someone Else

  6. Jekyll & Hide

  7. Lonely

  8. Wild

  9. My Shine

  10. Someone Else

  11. I Tried (Demo)

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