16 year old singer-songwriter Ava Chanel releases her debut single “Feelin Things”

Ava Chanel is a 16 year old singer-songwriter from Antioch, California who began showing her talent at the age of 2.  As early as 3rd grade, Ava began performing in talent shows and later joined choir, vocal jazz, and acapella groups.  Ava moved to Las Vegas, Nevada during middle school and started high school at a performing arts school where she was presented with new opportunities to turn her dream of recording music into a reality.  The singer invites open-minded listeners to take a walk through her first single, “Feelin Things”, as a teen in the LGBTQ+ community.  Ava hopes to reach people with her music and create a space for all people to feel heard and related to.



The song “Feelin Things” was written by Ava during a period of many mixed emotions.  She describes, “It’s the type of song that is written as a coping mechanism and stays locked in a box.” She got the inspiration to pursue this song due to the pressure put on her by family, teachers, and friends about college and career options.  Ava hadn’t expected such opportunities this early on in life, but it all came together when she chose to stick with the performing arts. Ava hopes to take her listeners on a journey through her mind and life by using metaphorical lyrics that are interpretational in an effort to make the music more relatable for people with different experiences and using sounds that spark the emotion behind the lyrics and tone of her voice.


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