Yutao premieres his new LoFi single “Sensation”

Chinese born and United States based bedroom indie-pop artist Yutao has always been fascinated by Western culture. He never quite felt at ease in China and when he moved to the United States, he wanted to stay true to his Eastern traditions and embrace Western ideas, so he blended the two cultures together. Slowly, the pair of seemingly very different ideals melded into a personal outlook for Yutao reflected in his delicately gorgeous, electro-pop.

“I live and create in a limbo state,” shares Yutao. “Both Eastern and Western perspectives have shaped me, and, while I see the value in both outlooks, I feel a dissonance inside. If I draw a circle between East and West, I live in the center, but, through creating music, I have found a home.”

Yutao just released his new lofi and bedroom pop single “Sensation.” The beat is so smooth and calm you forget you are listening to music. It’s dreamy and meditative, exactly what you want to hear no matter what mood you’re in. The vocals are rich and airy as he sings about that butterfly feeling in your stomach when you experience new love. Musically speaking he nailed it. It beautifully captures connection with the early stages of romance and how it can disappear as quickly as it comes.

“It does capture the fireworks of early romance, but there is also this narrative that it might not last—that the time together will be short, just like the length of the song,” Yutao shares. 

You can connect with Yutao via the following links. Bio taken from press release.

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