Wild Moccasins – Cheeky – Lola Pistola // Brooklyn, NY // 2.27.2019

Wild Moccasins with Cheeky and Lola Pistola

Knitting Factory

Brooklyn, NY

February 27th, 2019

Photos and words by Stefanie Dabs

Kicking off the night at Knitting Factory in Brooklyn, NY were Lola Pistola and Cheeky. Up next were the stars of the night, Wild Moccasins, who hail from Houston, Texas. I first saw them last year down in Dallas, Texas and have been itching to go to another one of their shows. On this night they did not disappoint. Playing songs off of their latest album Look Together they had the crowd going, singing along word for word and dancing. Some people in the crowd had been long time fans of this band and were finally seeing them live for the first time. 

If you ever want to have an amazing night of music go to one of their shows, because you will not be let down. They always give it their all with each and every show and you will have their lyrics to their songs stuck in your head long after.





Below you can watch their latest music video for their single “Doe-Eyed Dancer.”


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