What Sparked Your Interest with Pacific Radio

With their new EP, Kitchen Table, out now, we recently caught up with LA-based rock band Pacific Radio and they opened up about the influences they had at a young age that helped them decide to pursue careers as musicians. 

Joe Robinson (guitar/lead vocals):  My dad’s basement is like a record store, no joke. Walls of records, searchable bins, checkered floor, all of it. Music wasn’t pushed on me, but it was always present. He gets credit for the spark.

Joe Stiteler (bass):  I got the GnR Appetite For Destruction cassette back in ‘88, somehow my brother and I talked our mom into buying it for us despite its explicit lyrics. I remember Axl screaming F-bombs and B-words as we sat with our feet dangling off the seat as they weren’t long enough to touch the floor.  “Sweet Child O’ Mine” and “Welcome To The Jungle” and “Paradise City” were pretty much on a loop on MTV and I was hooked. My mom allowed me to cut the sleeves off my denim vest and even sewed a GnR cross patch on the back. I was Slash for Halloween that year.  \m/

Kyle Biane (guitar):  Weezer’s Blue Album and a kid on my block named Ryan Lowe showing me how to play “Come As You Are” on guitar.

Read our full interview with Pacific Radio here.

Interview by Christina Rossner

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