Thrice – mewithoutYou – Drug Church // Denver, CO // 01.28.20

Thrice with mewithoutYou and Drug Church

Summit Music Hall

Denver, CO

January 28th, 2020


The 15 Year Vheissu Anniversary tour Strolled through The Mile High City on January 28th. Our location, unfortunately, drew the small end of the stick when it came to set times. Opening band, Holy Fawn, at no fault of their own, missed their set time and I was slightly devastated. The midwest had other plans for the Phoenix natives. Due to inclement weather, the roads closed down causing a huge delay. While everyone at Summit theatre missed out on their melodic tunes, they were still able to catch the guys at their merch stand and say hello. Denver will see you again Holy Fawn, I am sure of that.

All of the puzzled looks subsided when Drug Church Took the stage. While I haven’t seen them live before this show, their thrashy/punk sound caught my attention. The unique energy they spilled throughout each song had all heads swinging from side to side. I think it was the first time I have ever seen a crowd surfer during the first song of the entire night. They knew had to get Denver’s feet off the ground and fast.

Next up on the bill traveling from Philadelphia, was mewithoutYou. They opened their set with “Another Head for Hydra” and “Watermelon Ascot.” multi-talented Vocalist, Aaron Weiss, brought the most stress-free stage presence up there with him. His fluid movements and clever lyrics set them apart from the other bands playing on the tour. If the vocals didn’t impress you enough, Aaron also plays the acoustic guitar, accordion, trumpet, keyboards, percussion for the band. The east coasters are quite seasoned with how to get the crowd hyped up. They have had 2 decades of practice and experience. They wrapped up their set with “9:27a.m.,7/29” off of their latest 2018 Untitled album. Their energy was incredibly unique and I am baffled I haven’t had the pleasure of seeing them perform until now but it won’t be the last time.

Fans anxiously awaited Thrice while the smell of pizza hotboxed the entire music venue, causing everyone to fill their bellies with carbs and alcohol before going crazy on the floor. As soon as I heard the first beep, blare through the amp, I immediately knew fan-favorite “Image of the Invisible” was on its way to bless my eardrums. The echoing of singing from each concert-goer continued throughout the entirety of the set. Color me impressed, literally. The lighting and effects that these Californians brought with them were hands down one of the best I have ever witnessed for this music scene. The colors were constantly changing with every lyric while the cinematic smoke filled the entire venue. The placement of the set was so well thought out that there was not a bad seat in the house. As the tour suggested the album Vheissu was played in its entirety, cover to cover. “Red Sky” was the last song to play off that album foreshadowing the next song “The Earth Will Shake” off of their 2006 EP Red Sky. They sealed the night with the loudest from the crowd “Black Honey.” and returned for their encore “Words in the Water.” I don’t know how it’s possible but every time I have the opportunity to catch Thrice, their set just continuously beats the last one.

If you have any doubts if you should catch this tour, throw them right out the window and thank me later!




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