The Foes of Fern premiere music video for “Ghosts (Girl In All My Songs)”

The Foes of Fern are making a splash in 2020. With their new, long awaited and recently released album Carpe Diem which came out August 28, today the band unveils the first video from the release, “Ghosts (Girl In All My Songs)”. The elegantly crafted video will draw you in from every angle, with a sound as beautiful as the video itself. Signed to Telegraph Hill Records, the group are a non-stop fun and gritty outfit of eclectic musicians who hail from New Jersey. The track is filled with harmonious instrumentation and haunting, echoing vocals that help to bring the video to life. Marrying drums, bass, guitar, tuba, ukulele, sax, trumpet, trombone and other wandering minstrels, the Foes carve out a segment in the music industry like a voluminous, awesome boulder.  Their music is hypnotic and gang-busting in every sense, initiating you as part of the tribe upon first down-beat.  A wall of sound thriving through each new moment on stage, feeling like the spontaneity of Hendrix while maintaining the rehearsed specialties in parts and orchestration reminiscent of the Beatles.  Says Fern, “”Ghost (Girl In All My Songs)” has become The Foes of Fern anthem. We have closed every single Foes of Fern show since 2016 with that song and it is the song that people have always resonated with the most. Since it is our most popular song I knew I needed to make a video that properly told the story and the listener could relate to. My director Rob Ciano is a fantastic storyteller and he perfectly captured that vision. I hope people watch this video and think about the people that they loved and reflect on the choices that they made in their lives. As for the recording, I was a little hesitant when first recording the tune. We ended up with a 7 minute song with two trumpet solos, a guitar solo and an orchestral overture at the end. My producer Joe Pomarico assured me to just go all out on the song and the video and I’m really grateful that he advised me into keeping the song in it’s full form”.



Director Rob Ciano shares of the video:
“I’m very excited to have been able to work on the “Ghosts (Girl In All My Songs)” music video. We started outlining this video about a year and a half ago, and I think everyone feels really pleased with the final product. Personally, I was very glad to be able to work with someone like Fern, who is of course very creative himself, and is also collaborative and open to ideas. We had a great production team, the level of trust among the crew and players was strong, and I think the final video shines because of that.”



Foes leading man and guitarist Matthew Fernicola (Fern) created The Foes of Fern after five years in his first band, Airacuda. In stride with the early conception of The Foes, Fern cofounded all-star band, The Burns, which ultimately came to a close in 2019.  Continuing to garner attention in the musical town of Asbury Park, NJ (home of the legendary Stone Pony and Sea.Here.Now Festival), Fern took The Foes to Grammy-winning engineer, Joe Pomarico, at Telegraph Hill Records.  The team has crafted a gift that keeps on giving, with recordings complex in instrumentation that require multiple listens to catch every nuance.  Under the audio-guise of misfit toys, they are the ignition of energy, theory, composition, rule-breaking, and friend-making. You can connect with The Foes of Fern via the following links.  Photo credit: Michelle Kondreck.



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