Tegan and Sara revisit their old roots on new record “Hey, I’m Just Like You”

Tegan and Sara release latest album “Hey I’m Just Like You”, which is the duo’s ninth record. On this record Tegan and Sara revisit old demos dated back to when they were teenagers, updating this demos to fit the sound and people they are today. With a mixed fanbase of those have grown with the duo, and many finding them today, this record seems to catch and attract both groups.

These collections of song cover regular teenage struggles, but with an adult outlook. Now that the duo are older, they have been able to look back on these demos and update them based on new experiences. 

Sara talks about the meaning behind “Hello, I’m Right Here” being about a relationship in which both parties have feelings but never talk about. She also looks back that it was these relationships that made her face her sexuality, embrace it and be ready for whatever comes next.

“Hold My Breathe Until I Die” is an extreme take on heartbreak, While the chorus and verses view heartbreak from what people would consider a dramatic teenager. The bridge and pre-chorus offers perspective on the situation.  

Tegan and Sara’s “Hey I’m Just Like You” is a collection of songs that revisit old experiences in a new light.


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