Review: Zachary Engel

If you do not know who this guy is, you definitely should! He is talented, in more areas than one. He is more than just a beautiful voice. He is a brilliant lyricist. You will fall in love with his sound, faster than you could ever imagine.

If The Beatles and Elvis Presley were to have created a child, his name would have been Zachary Engel. With strong, yet playful guitar playing in the background, you’d swear songs like, “Nothing at All,” were straight from the 1960s, if not years earlier. The lyrics are light, fun, and will get stuck in your head. That’s what every good artists does, right? They get you hooked on their sounds and lyrics, until you’re hitting your head against a wall to get their song(s) out of your head.

If upbeat, “jam music” isn’t your type of music – never fret. Zachary has ballads that will cause you to fall in love with not only him in general, but his voice. The song, “In the Dark” is a perfect example. His voice transitions easily into a softer, more tender sound. Not only does Zachary’s voice change (beautifully, at that), his lyrics delve deeper into a more serious place. Nevertheless, the lyrics are clever and will, like “Nothing at All,” will get stuck in your head.

In the end, Zachary Engel is an amazing artist. Maybe there’s some bias there, maybe not. However you choose to view it, or rather – listen – to it, Zachary has talent. He’s more than worth the listen. Stitched Sound wishes him the best of luck in his endeavors and cannot wait to hear more tunes!

By Kaitlin Tachibana

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