Spoon – Nicole Atkins // Brooklyn, NY // 10.23.21

Spoon with Nicole Atkins

Brooklyn Steel

Brooklyn, NY – October 23rd

Photos and Review by Ken Grand-Pierre

Sometimes, a straight-forward rock show is exactly what the doctor ordered. The truth in that statement felt nearly tangible at Spoon’s sold out Brooklyn Steel concert with Nicole Atkins. This was one of those rare evenings where the audience was not only receptive towards the opener, but also outwardly begging for more. Nicole Atkins is an American singer-songwriter who originally hails from Neptune, New Jersey but now calls Nashville her home. Since 2007 she’s released numerous albums that showcase her talents in rock, soul, Americana, and even psychedelia. Her most recent album, Italian Ice, is a cultivation of everything she’s learned within both her career and her life, while also being a massive flex of Atkin’s talents as a songwriter. 

Seeing those talents come alive within the halls of Brooklyn Steel was a beautifully transcendent experience, especially when you remember that this was a support set. Atkins and her band (affectionately called ‘The Family’) were on fire the moment they kicked into Maybe Tonight and for the next 30+ minutes they never let that energy wane. To witness such a flawless live set felt like a colossal gift after the numerous lockdowns we endured throughout the pandemic and that feeling only intensified to a fever pitch once Spoon took to the stage.

Frontman Britt Daniel stood at the edge of the stage for a few moments, allowing the thunderous applause to wash over him as the band settled into opening track, The Beast and Dragon, Adored. Spoon’s set that evening acted as a reminder to why after 20+ years they’re still a beloved live band; they simply don’t shy away from playing the hits. Seeing songs like Don’t You Evan blend seamlessly into Do You, as well as songs like I Summon You hurling into Inside Out AND I Turn My Camera On only went to show that Spoon know exactly what will put a smile on the faces of their audience.


Nicole Atkins


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