Single Review: DNDR “Shine A Little Light On Your Own Mind”

Review by Sarah Lozano

The first single from Swedish duo DNDR, “Shine a Little Light on Your Own Mind” is a delightful track that was released last week. The band, made up of Ludwig Jonsson and Ola Pålsson, blend Swedish electric music with L.A. summer vibes to create this blissful track.

The light-hearted song is the opener for their upcoming EP, which is due out later this summer, and while not the most upbeat song of the summer (sorry but I can’t really ghost ride the whip to this like Drake’s “In My Feelings”) it’s a relaxing listen with great lyrics about letting go and being weightless. “Shine a Little Light on Your Own Mind” conveys its message about the importance of not carrying the weight of the world on you shoulders, but in simple and elegant words that don’t feel too generic and cliché. This single has me very interested in what’s come from the duo.


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