Silversun Pickups – Paris Jackson // Louisville, KY // 2.21.23

Silversun Pickups with Paris Jackson

Mercury Ballroom

Louisville, KY

February 21st, 2023


Silversun Pickups brought their Physical Thrills Tour, in support of their latest album Physical Thrills, to Louisville, KY on February 21st to a packed house! The band has been going strong for over 2 decades and have grown a large and dedicated fan base over the years! Starting out the show this evening was LA artist Paris Jackson. Having started releasing music in 2020, she performed music from her 2020 album wilted along with some recently released singles to a very receptive crowd. Along with her original material, she and her band also performed a fun cover of Blind Melon’s hit song “No Rain”. She spent her set chatting with the crowd between songs, telling funny tour stories and joking with the crowd. At one point she asked a fan “Is that a Motley Crue t-shirt? Girls Girls Girls? Dr Feelgood is better!”, she joked. With her band having left the stage briefly, leaving just her with an acoustic guitar, she told the crowd “We’re about to get real sad!”. Her band then came back out and started rocking out to some more upbeat songs once again! Towards the end of her set, she told the crowd “You guys have been so nice and polite. I’m used to laying in bars where people yell over you, so thank you for coming early and listening! It means a lot!”.

Closing out the show this evening was Silversun Pickups! Starting out their set with “Stillness (Way Beyond)” and “Sticks and Stones” from Physical Thrills, they also performed many older hits this evening, including “Well Thought Out Twinkles”, “The Royal We”, “Panic Switch”, and “Dots and Dashes (Enough Already)”. Singer/guitarist Brian Aubert chatted a bit with the crowd between songs, but the band, rounded out with Nikki Monninger (bass/vocals), Chris Guanlao (drums/percussion/programming/backing vocals), and Joe Lester (keys/samples/guitar/backing vocals), mostly filled their set with plenty of music, to which the crowd was gleefully singing and dancing along to! Aubert did at one point lead the crowd in some audience participation, saying “It’s audience participation time! Don’t be scared. All I ask is that you snap along with Nikki”, before asking to hear the crowd snap. “Oh damn! Ya’ll are good!”! Ending their set with “Nightlight” from 2015’s Better Nature, they then performed a 4-song encore! Closing out the evening with “Dream At Tempo 050”, “System Error”, “Empty Nest”, and “Lazy Eye”, they had the crowd engaged and dancing until the very end! It was a great night of music filled with a fun and uplifting energy!





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