Indie Alternative Artist/Novelist/Poet Moses Mikheyev premieres his new single ‘Fernanda, It’s All Right’ from forthcoming debut album

Moses Mikheyev is a Los Angeles-based alternative rock, pop, and folk artist, novelist, and poet. His music has been described as “atmospheric” (Earmilk), “truly an artist of his own” (Vents Magazine) with “impeccable abilities as both a songwriter and a performer” (Music Crowns). He’s been labeled “a musician at the top of his game” (Plastic Magazine). Today sees the premiere of his new folk single “Fernanda, It’s All Right” which comes from his upcoming debut album, I Only Have a Hundred Years to Love You, in tandem with the release of his book, ‘This Time Next Summer.’ ‘This Time Next Summer’ is a semi-autobographical romance. His first children’s book, ‘Olivia & The Gentleman From Outer Space’, will be released in April of 2023, and will be followed by the adult science fiction thriller, ‘Vanishing Bodies’.


“Fernanda, It’s All Right” is both romantic and dark. It has a Bob Dylan meets The Fray sound melodically. He wrote it a few years after a tough breakup he had. At the time, he was dealing with a lot of emotional pain and somehow managed to survive it by writing songs, poems, and a novel titled “This Time Next Summer.”


“There are certain truths we discover only through pain. I suppose I discovered I could move past the pain, accept what had happened, and write with grace and charity about the experience,” says Moses. “I process emotional trauma by writing about it,” he reveals. “I tend to turn everything into a poem, a novel, or a song. Music is therapy. It saved my life, and I hope it can save yours too.”



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