Sigrid – Raffaella // Houston, Texas 10.10.2019

Fresh off of the Austin City Limits festival Sigrid and Raffaella graced White Oak Music Hall in Houston, Texas. With a few days left in her first North American tour. The crowd at the show was very diverse everyone from little children to older adults that I would have never guessed has an interest in pop music gathered around the stage. I met people who have been waiting years to see Sigrid and were excited that she was touring North America. I wasn’t super familiar with either artist work outside of a few catchy singles, but after spending the evening with them these are my two favorite performances of the year.
When the lights lowered a delightful Raffaella pops up on stage and begins to sing while grasping her mic close to them. The theatric singer songwriter tiptoes around the stage like her ballerina persona, it’s such a joy to watch. She tells little stories about the inspiration of her songs, my favorite being the minor inconveniences of discovering that inspired her first world problems anthem “NASAs Fake” (please be sure include “Raffaella” or “lyrics” when searching this track if you don’t want to go down a weird rabbit hole). The New York born artist brought a lot of character to her performance, I thought ishe was amazing and such a delight.
Our headlining darling popped up on stage afterward. Sigrid twenty-three year old from Norway was all smiles as she was greater by the applause of her Houston fanbase. A girl who I met during the show expressed she never thought she’d get to see Sigrid tour in North America. Two sisters around nine and ten clung to the barricade with glee as Sigrid opened the show their her hit single “Sucker Punch” titular track from the album she’s promoting on tour. What makes Sigrid such a great perform is that with such casual swagger and confidence. She’s effortlessly cool with her hands in her pocket as she moves around the stage. At some moments during the performance the crowd was cheering so hard she couldn’t help but giggle with amazement. Hopefully this isn’t going to be her only time coming to Houston, because she’s my new favorite performer and I want to see her as much as possible.


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