Ship Wrek Discuss What Comes Next After Their Newest Single ‘Mirror Mirror’

With 2019 being a year full of successes for the Electronic Dance duo Ship Wrek, they are going into 2020 with full force. Having played with legendary artists such as The Chainsmokers and opening for Jauz, as well as being supported by artists such as Skrillex, Diplo, and Tiesto, they are the next big thing rising within EDM music. They are bringing forward their all in the New Year and they are definitely a duo to watch out for. With their recent release being ‘Mirror Mirror’ put out on 12/12, this showing to be another step towards a successful 2020 for the duo. You can find ‘Mirror Mirror’ and their social medias below.

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With Mirror Mirror coming out on 12/12, can listeners expect to hear it in your live shows? Will you be integrating the song into your live show or will you be creating a new one to accommodate it and future singles?

Mirror Mirror is a staple in our sets nowadays.. it’s a perfect song for the dance floor and the crowd always goes nuts, we like to close with it or place it towards the end of our sets.


You’ve played some large shows for instance, playing a b2b with the Chainsmokers and opening for Jauz, will you be taking these experiences in as influences for future shows and live sets?

Definitely!! The best part is hearing new tunes and ID’s when playing with other artists.

Your music has a very fun club appeal, which Mirror Mirror fits into very well, can more singles like this be expected in the future or will there be a change up?

We like to keep it fresh; expect more like Mirror Mirror but we try to not ever make the same song twice.


What inspired Mirror Mirror and what was the writing process for it like?

We were in a party mood and took influence from LA culture/warehouse vibes.


I understand that an EP is in the works, does it all tie in together or Mirror Mirror or is every piece of it something new?

It’s a showcase of our style but with an overarching darker tone.. the next chapter for us.

Who are some artists that influence you both. Do these influences inspire anything in your writing processes?

Rüfüs Du Sol, CamelPhat, Chris Lake. They do influence us but we mindfully try to avoid being inspired too much if that makes sense!


Will you guys be laying low to focus on making more music to put out before an EP or is a tour in the works for 2020?

Haha we are always grinding and making new music. We’ve probably made like 20 new songs since we finished the EP — bus tour 2020 is the dream!


Is Mirror Mirror one of the next steps into the new era? What will this new era bring for fans and new listeners?

Cool house music that’s never been done before is what we are trying to do. We want to make a real impact in music and not just ride a trend.


While writing music, is there a specific zone that you guys like to get into or does the melodies and beat just come to you in a session?

It’s always different and we think that helps with not falling into a cycle (because music shouldn’t be formulaic).


Does the process of writing a song usually come naturally?

No sometimes it’s forced, but learning how to be creative when you don’t want to is a good mental muscle to strengthen.


What are some goals you guys have for 2020 and what are some of your fondest memories of 2019 as it comes to a close?

Lazy river!! (inside joke sorry lol)

2019 has been a life changing year and we’ve worked harder than ever.. going to/playing Burning Man, Amsterdam, headlining shows, airports, moving into a house in LA with our squad, signing record deals, more airports, assembling a team of the most dedicated hardworking people we’ve ever met, some more airports, there’s so much!


Have any of these experiences impacted you two as artists? If so, in what ways?

It makes us more grateful and appreciative of life and our dreams becoming reality


On social media, it’s been put out that 2020 is going to be a big year, what can fans and listeners expect to see from you guys early on?

2020 is going to be legendary. We’re going to go hard! We have the EP dropping, we are finishing up another DJ edit pack that is slated to drop shortly after, plus we have a ton of finished singles (so many in fact we could probably drop a song every single week for a year and have more to spare) and collaborations with some of our favorite artists, more shows, lots of stuff we can’t talk about but it’s going to be so sick!

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