Shallow Pools Shines A Light on Mental Health With Single “Sinking”

Words by Dana Jacobs

Fresh on the heels of their single release last month, Boston-based alt-rock trio shallow pools are back with deliciously angsty single “Sinking”. Through their music, the all-female group has committed to inclusivity and representation, and “Sinking” is no different, tackling mental health.

“Sinking” details the all-too-familiar struggles of living with anxiety and depression, likening the experience to a desperate attempt to tread water in a turbulent sea. Lead singer Glynnis Brennan laments “can’t keep my head above much longer / if I let it control me” while driving guitar riffs from Jess Gromada propel the song ahead. Brennan’s vocals and Gromada’s guitar sit seamlessly atop the thumping drums of Ali Ajemian, who sprinkles unexpected syncopation throughout the piece. Drawing from elements of both alternative rock and pop-punk, small pools achieves a sound in “Sinking” that is simultaneously energetic and thoughtful.

The group has known each other for nearly six years now, and have cultivated an emotional intimacy and familiarity through which they are able to craft songs like “Sinking,” that are not only sonically pleasing, but emotionally poignant. This latest release comes ahead of small pools’ upcoming EP, and if “Sinking” is any indication, it’ll be one that you won’t want to miss.

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