Review: Dress2Impress

From the beautiful Long Island, New York is the energetic pop-punk band Dress2Impress. WIth two singles under the belt, “Summer Nights!” and “Cant Get Enough”, they have quickly spread virally with their catchy tunes. Both songs are filled with captivating melodies and addicting lyrics, which all add up to a well composed single. Their first released single “Can’t Get Enough” is definitely going to be a summer anthem that people everywhere will love. Not only does it have an energetic and bouncy feel to it, many people may find themselves being able to relate to it very well. The band’s second single “Summer Nights!” is sure to be a song that you will blast in your room, through your window, while getting ready for a day out on the beach during a hot summer. With the exciting and hot season quickly coming up, look no further than Dress2Impress to perfect your summer soundtrack. Dress2Impress shows true potential with these two singles and are sure to make it huge in the future!

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