Raphaela Gilla premieres her music video for her latest single “The Love of All”

Raphaela Gilla returns today with her stunning new single “The Love of All” which will delight your ears.  Alongside the dreamy new lyric video for the piece, she takes you on both a musical and spiritual journey which will have you head over heels.  Taken from her upcoming record due out on March 4th, this is next in the series of a successful string of singles for the artist.  Her heavenly voice will have you floating on cloud 9 as her melodic lyricism and breathtaking harmonies stand out like no other in the music world right now.  Gilla is a singer, vocal-medium, composer and a spiritual guide.  She was born and raised in Tel Aviv, Israel and now lives and works in London and Berlin. Her Jewish-Bulgarian, Polish and Spanish roots influenced her way of singing and granted her voice many colours and characters- from ritualistic shaman through native Balkan to heavenly angelic voices.  This mixture of vocal styles defined her unique style as a singer and vocal- medium.  Her spiritual roots are a deep inspiration for her work as a messenger from a long, divine tradition of an ancient shaman tribe.  Raphaela combines soul, classical and world music with oriental, shamanic and ambient music genres and accompanies her vocals with Tibetan singing bowls, gongs, chimes, and shaman drums.  As a vocal medium, she opens herself and let the music flow through her and receives the musical ideas and messages from the universe and channels what she hears.  Her singing and music bring love, light, joy, and healing to many people.


“The song “The Love Of All” is the 4th single of my new upcoming album, “Ancient Angel.”  This song came to me in two languages- English, the language of my soul and Hebrew, my mother tongue.  “The Love Of All” video represents The Free Spirit- “When the wind is wind, let her go”, The Shining Light- “When the sun is sun, let her glow”, The Earth- “When the mountains are mountains, let them dream” and The Creativity which in this context is The Music Creation- “When the songs are songs, let them sing.”  Every single one of these elements has its place and its role in this universe.  The simplicity of every element and its function is being supported by every image of the visual art in the video.  When every element, its place and function are being noticed, accepted and appreciated; harmony and balance exist which brings an angelic transformation as a result that happened in the end of the video.  This transformation could happen to anyone who chooses to live a harmonious, abundant life full of love and pure serenity to what is as it is.  This song video gives an inspiration to walk this path, invites to see and accept things simply as they are from the pure, loving eyes of our inner child who naturally feels and receives the love of all in return.”  “The Love Of All” was recorded, produced, mixed and mastered at The Recording Studio London. Production was done by Kristian Moller-Munar, with arrangements by Kristian Moller-Munar and Raphaela Gilla.  Keyboard and guitar duties were also by Kristian Moller-Munar, with Vocals and Chimes by Raphaela Gilla.  The video itself is by the Wonderful Hippie (Nikola Machova).   You can connect with Raphaela Gilla via the following links:


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