Rändi Fay releases latest single “Lone Wolf” from upcoming album

True to her words, Rändi Fay does dream beyond what others dare, beginning her professional music career at an age where many begin to make plans for retirement.  After a hand injury forced her to leave veterinary medicine in 2001, she spent several years in non-profit work, but Rändi’s active mind craved more.  She embraced opportunities to perform with local music groups in her native Green Bay, Wisconsin and by 2011, music became a full time endeavor.  For Rändi, performing, recording and songwriting provided not only a vibrant creative outlet, but also a chance to pursue her love of healing and connecting with others through music.  Hungry to fill in what she considered her lack of formal music education, Rändi earned a Master’s Certificate in Songwriting through the Berklee College of Music’s online extension and her certification in teaching the BAST method of vocal instruction, while also seeking out the best musicians in Northeast Wisconsin to work with and learn from as her skills evolved.




Fast forward to today, Rändi is an award winning songwriter and vocalist, her most recent accolades include being named alongside co-writer and producer Aaron Zinsmeister a “Top Five Winner” with “Outstanding Achievement in Songwriting” by the Great American Song Contest for “Supernatural” (March, 2019).  Her music video (director Jocelyne Berumen) for “Supernatural” won the honor of “Best Music Video” at the Wildwood Film Festival (March, 2019).  She has been nominated Jazz Artist of the Year five times (2015-2019) by the Wisconsin Area Music Industry. Rändi’s innovative approach to music can be attributed to a combination of early influences spanning decades and genre, from jazz standards, pop & rock classics, music theater, camp songs to classical masterpieces.  She also seeks out diverse, worldwide collaborations to bring in unexpected flavor and character to her songwriting and vocal expertise. In 2019, Rändi is establishing her niche in the contemporary sound symphonic electronica, co-created with partner Aaron, fusing the colorful intimacy of nostalgic artists, the tonal richness of jazz, the passion of classical orchestrations with the intense sonic spectrum of electronica.



Rändi just released her new single “Lone Wolf”, the first from her upcoming album Intuition, which is set for release on Feb 20. Ethereal and haunting, the song conjures the electricity of new romance while tackling the fear of vulnerability and the challenge of building trust as the relationship shifts from infatuation to love. It is a haunting love song filled with intimacy and longing for deeper connection.  When I started to write “Lone Wolf,” I was expecting to write an intense, straightforward love song about giving everything I had to someone I love. But as the character of the Lone Wolf emerged “between the lyrical lines,” the song took a subtle shift, becoming about the challenge of building a bridge of trust as a romance evolves from infatuation to love.  It’s natural but terrifying to wonder, “I am ready to give myself entirely to you, but you still hold yourself back. What’s up?”  We feel insecure as we reach a point in a relationship that has explosive chemistry but hasn’t yet developed the deep trust the love requires.  It is easier to give our bodies away than to give our hearts away.  We hide our vulnerabilities and our weaknesses, sometimes because we are private, but sometimes because we are afraid, no matter how much our partners try to reassure us.  I was surprised to find parts of myself in the Lone Wolf character-independent and resistant to opening up or relying on anyone, and parts of myself on the other side of the equation, insecure but ready for more.  Co-writer Aaron Zinsmeister came through with a stunning melody and orchestration that are as dramatic and conflicted as the lyrical content. It was one of the first songs we wrote for our “Intuition” CD, and set the bar high for all of the remaining songs”.  Rändi’s poetic lyrics and transcendent vocals set to dramatic production and dynamic melodies captivate through the intimate power of their new songs which can be experienced fully in their upcoming concept CD “Intuition” set for release 2.20.2020.  Rändi also just launched an Indiegogo campaign in support of the album, which you can find out more about HERE.  You can follow Rändi Fay and stay up-to-date on all artist and album news via the following links:


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