RAEGAN releases debut single: The enchantingly eerie “TIM BURTON”

RAEGAN has cast a spell on her music, bringing you good intentions, confidence, and her recently released new single “TIM BURTON”. Captivatingly creepy, her new track “TIM BURTON” reaches into the dark mind of the famed director, casting RAEGAN as one of his gothic caricatures that never made it to the screen. As violins careen in and out of a glitched-out backbeat, her disembodied vocal confesses to fear of failure. 


“I’ve been wandering in this world alone, I wonder if he finished me,” she sings, in search of purpose, “I guess I wasn’t good enough, I promise I’m trying to be.”



“TIM BURTON” is the first glimpse into the fantastical world of RAEGAN, straight off the back of well-deserved TikTok buzz. Having captivated listeners by casting a spell over the track, RAEGAN and hundreds of thousands of users have engaged with the sound to manifest, meditate, and tune in to their spectral sides in search of good karma. Armed with over 120M+ views, 2M+ likes, 84k+ videos made with the original sound, and an army of passionate new TikTok followers, the Miami bred artist is prepared for an explosive debut.



Removed from the standard pop formula, RAEGAN’s world is full of enticing contradictions: at once eerie and enchanting, her haunted reality shifts rapidly between adult fears and childlike daydreams. Holding cinematic glitch wave and breakbeat R&B in the same imperceptibly humane hand, the Miami-born, NYC-based producer and songwriter shapes her sound to match her inner world. Weird, wonderful, and often witty, RAEGAN shares the enchanting experiences of a 19-year old figuring it out — with an unexpectedly dark twist.  You can connect with RAEGAN via the following links:


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