Randie O’Neil premieres her new single “Queen (of the Barstool Two-Step)”; New album ‘Full Moon Rising’ out May of 2022

Randie O’Neil doesn’t know how to write music without putting her whole self into it. The Americana and folk/pop artist sings and writes music for just about anything that comes into her head, typically with honest lyrics paired with her catchy sound. Her work as an adolescent intervention specialist brings a real-world perspective. Drawing on her own life story of having to survive an abusive alcoholic environment as a child, she helps students navigate a complicated world. Through her songs, she conveys a message of understanding and courage to face problems that almost all of us experience at some point in our lives.

She has stated that the pandemic shaped her music in another way. Since life stopped, she was able to take a breath and think about topics, issues, and emotions in ways she wouldn’t have otherwise. Her new single, “Queen (of the Barstool Two-Step),” is one of those songs that came from this revelation. While it has an upbeat folk/pop sound to it, it’s actually about how the pandemic locked us down, how we couldn’t connect with other people. It was a lonely time and Randie felt that pain. Queen (of the Barstool Two-Step)” has a kind of Pat Benatar meets Dolly Parton style, with clean vocals and lyrics that make you sing along instantly. The melody is catchy and vibrant while simultaneously exploring darker themes of loneliness and human connection. “Queen (of the Barstool Two-Step)” comes from her upcoming album, Full Moon Rising, inspired by the world that took shape around us in 2020. Keep an eye out for more from the talented Randie O’Neil.

“‘Queen’ is actually a sad song about a lonely individual who just doesn’t want to be alone,” shares Randie. “They get dressed up and try to look their best and hope they don’t end up alone.  They also know that it’s not true love but just alone in a crowd. It’s a covid song in that for lonely people, covid was even lonelier because there was no chance at connection.”

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